Millie, our dog, enjoying a run on Widemouth beach

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Jeanette and Roger have Millie, a Border terrier, and are well aware of the frustrations of taking dogs on holiday. We like your dogs to enjoy their holiday as much as you do. Our holiday cottages are dog friendly with enclosed gardens, a meadow for exercising dogs and moorland walks straight out from the cottage.

Below are some questions we often get asked by guests who bring their dogs on holiday with them.

Q. What do you do if you come home with a wet or muddy dog?

A. Wash him/her with the outdoor spray hose and let him dry before he comes in. Dog towels are available on request. Please do not use guest towels for this.

Q. Is there somewhere nearby for a quick run?

A. Yes, Monkstone Cottage has a meadow in front of the garden suitable for exercising your dog. Honeysuckle Cottage has a large garden.

Q. Where can we take him for the best walks?

A. See the list in the cottage of walks and directions or ask us for recommendations. Brentor Church is just a short walk up our drive, set on moorland it is perfect for a quick walk.

Q. If anything goes wrong, where are the vets?

A. There is a local vet at Tavistock. Westmoor Veterinary Hospital is an RCVS accredited Small Animal Veterinary Hospital, 1 Brook Lane, Tavistock, Devon PL19 9BA Telephone: 01822 612561 Email:

Q. Where can he swim?

A. There is a moorland pool nearby or the beach. Ask us for a list of dog friendly beaches.

Q. What about poo picking?

A. Poop scoops and waste bins are provided. Please pick up all dog waste, bag and bin it.

Q. Can I leave my dog unattended in the cottage.

A. Yes, but only if you bring a cage and he is used to being left. We regret that 'chatty dogs' who bark are not allowed to be left.

Q Can I take my dog with me to the pub?

A. Yes, most local pubs are dog friendly and allow you to eat with your dog in the bar area.

Q. What should I bring with me for my dog?

A. Owners must supply a bed, basket or cage for your dog to sleep in.

Q. Where is my dog allowed in the cottage?

A .Dogs are not allowed on furniture or beds. If your dog chews or damages furniture, carpets, bed linen etc and it is not possible for us to clean or repair them you will be responsible for the costs incurred in replacing damaged/stained items. On your departure, please leave your accommodation as you would wish to find it.

Q. How many pets can I bring?

A. The usual limit is 2 dogs in Monkstone Cottage or one in Honeysuckle Cottage. Pets must be booked and paid for in advance.

Our dog Moose enjoying the view at Monkstone Cottage

Moose, one of our four legged visitors, enjoying the view at Monkstone Cottage

Our dog Millie swimming at Lydford Gorge (NT)

Our dog Millie swimming at Lydford Gorge (NT)

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